CS 2 success guide

Brief Information about the course

CS 2 can be considered as the first introductory course to computer science courses in GUC. You will no longer use python, you will start using java. You will just have a basic idea on Data Structures, Loops, and Object Oriented Programming. CS 2 is a very easy course where you can get a high grade, and it's the only very easy CS course. We can categorize Other CS courses as easy, medium, hard, and very hard. CS2 is a big opportunity for students to improve their GPA.

In order to suit all needs we will give a study guide for students aiming for high grades (Achievers) and students who want to succeed with minimal efforts (Procrastinators).

Success guide for Achievers:

- Study online. This is a general advice for MET students. You should watch online courses and benefit from self learning as much as you can. You will find detailed explanations for every single topic online from Native English, Indian, and Arabic tutors. We will recommend online courses whenever possible. These courses will strengthen your skills in Computer Science more than anything else

- Solve past exams and quizzes. While Dr. Slim never run out of ideas, these past exams is a very good indicator to how much you will score in your exam. CS courses also have the biggest amount of materials available.

- BEWARE after an easy midterm. If you had an easy midterm, never expect a similar final. Usually when Dr. Slim makes the midterm easy, he makes the final extremely hard.

Success guide for Procrastinators:

- FOCUS, you never know when the gift is coming. Dr. Slim often makes 2 easy quizzes and a hard one. Same goes for In class assignments, 2 easy and one hard (if they are 3). So you should never procrastinate before a quiz or in class assignment because it may be very easy and you will regret not studying. You never know.

- Stop procrastinating just inside tutorials and labs. Yes you can procrastinate and pass this course, but please don't do it inside tutorials as the little amount of exercising you do in the tutorial will have a snow ball effect later on. You will need much less time to study.

- One last advice. If you struggle a lot during this course, know it's a big red alert. Either figure out where is the problem and try to solve it, or think again about majoring in Computer Science.

Wishing you success through your entire life.