CS4 success guide

Brief Information about the course

Forget all CS courses, this one is the most interesting. Even if the game isn't that good, at least it's the first time you put information you study into practical use. This course is also different in grade distribution aspects, no Midterm and Final (ONLY ONE ) which means if you have midterm then no final and vice versa. No in class assignments or quizzes, just projects and project evaluations (quizzes on your game). This course is heaven for Achievers and Procrastinators, you can get high grades easily, and you can pass with minimal efforts.

Success guide for Achievers:

- Final OR Midterm, you will have only one as stated above, this is the only area you will probably lose marks, otherwise you will hopefully score full marks.

- BEWARE Milestone 3 aka GUI. This is the first time you will need self study in a massive degree. What you will learn about GUI in Lectures and tutorials won't be enough. You will need lots of visits to YouTube, Stack Overflow, and Game room (you'll know what's this when the course starts).

- START EARLY, as soon as you can start after the milestone is released. Why? well, actually you can finish 80% of the milestone in 1 day, but the remaining 20% will get you pulling your hair out and can require very long time to solve the errors.

Success guide for Procrastinators:

- GOOD TEAM. What's worse than a procrastinator? Well, a team of procrastinators. If you're one of these please find yourself a good or balanced team. You should have friends by now that can carry you through hard times, but a team of procrastinators like you? The result may be disastrous.

- Never Make 0% contribution. You can take the easy part, do whatever you can do in the milestone. Always try to keep in touch with the project code and understand code parts written by other team members.

- Project Evaluations aka Quizzes. Forget old quizzes weighing 5 or 10% each. One milestone evaluation weighs 22% approx. Quizzes take place through a week. If you're in any day,but the first day of the week, solve quizzes of previous day(s). Yours would probably be very similar.

Wishing you success through your entire life.