Math 2 success guide

Brief Information about the course

Math 2 is the hardest and trickiest course in semester 2 and in the first year in GUC Engineering. Specially if it's taught by Dr .Rami, who have no mercy regarding students success. Last year a graph showed by Dr. Rami in one of his lectures after the midterm showed that 70% of students scored below 50% in the exam and most of the 70% scored below 30%. Despite of these terrific results, there were students who got full mark and above 90%.

In order to suit all needs we will give a study guide for students aiming for high grades (Achievers) and students who want to succeed with minimal efforts (Procrastinators).

Success guide for Achievers:

- Attend the lectures. The more strict and tough the doctor, the more material he use from his lecture slides. Attending lectures is obligatory if you want to score high in Math 2 course. This isn't necessary in all courses like math 4 where you can score an A+ without attending lectures.

- Midterms. These are the first step of scoring a high grade as they carry a large weight and SOMETIMES Dr. Rami decides to make the midterm very easy and put most of the difficulty in the Final Exam.

- Study every day and every week, the key to math courses is always solving as much as you can. In addition to these 3 points follow the guide below as well.

Success guide for Procrastinators:

- Never say no to gifts! In a tough course like Math 2 you should never miss half a grade in assignments for example. Also, you shouldn't as we provide assignment solutions.

- Quizzes, quizzes, quizzes. Yes you can have a Midterm where you can't put pen to paper, but quizzes are always closer to the easy side so you can score high grades if you study well.

- Trigger your beast mode before the Final exam. After you've done well in quizzes and assignments and put yourself in a place where you just need 30% in the Final, never stop here. Because 30% in Dr. Rami's finals isn't that easy. However if you have a good background in every topic, solve previous exams, and have some "HABD" skills, you will score above 50s.

Wishing you success through your entire life.