Math 4 success guide

Brief Information about the course

Bad news? you're in one of the toughest semesters of your Engineering major. Good news? Math isn't one of the tough courses anymore. Yes, believe it or not, it's not like math 1,2, and 3 at all. First of all it's a much shorter course and also much easier. Secondly, it's taught by Dr. Hany, this is a huge advantage if you had a previous experience with Dr. Rami. Math 4 course is about probability and statistics so forget algebra, calculus, and all these stuff.

In order to suit all needs we will give a study guide for students aiming for high grades (Achievers) and students who want to succeed with minimal efforts (Procrastinators).

Success guide for Achievers:

- Trigger your beast mode after the midterm, this is the part where some hard topics of the course start to appear. Try to solve extensively on these topics as probability can get very tricky

- Go back to school study mode. While this studying style doesn't suit for many subjects, it perfectly suits the math course. Dr. Hany repeats questions many times. He copies and pastes questions from old exams, sheets, and quizzes. You rarely benefit from such advantage in other courses.

- Never forget to write detailed steps of your solutions. Many students exit the math exam expecting a grade in the 90s but they get shocked after they see their grades. This is because Dr. Hany's marking scheme credits every single step including writing the formula, not only the final answer. In addition to these 3 points follow the guide below as well.

Success guide for Procrastinators:

- Assignments again and again. Free marks, all what you should do is just copy and paste you will find solutions everywhere including our website. And this time it carries bigger weight.

- BEFORE MIDTERM. collect as much marks as you can before midterm where topics are super easy. Remember that deadlines will start raining after midterms, and also the topics will get much harder. So score well in quizzes 1 and 2 and the midterm and then procrastinate until the final.

- Trigger your beast mode before the midterm exam and quizzes 1 and 2. Easy topics everywhere and all what you need to do before the quizzes is to open previous quizzes and solve them and skim through the sheets with your eyes. Before midterm you would do the same with previous midterms.

Wishing you success through your entire life.