Physics 2 success guide

Brief Information about the course

Physics 2 and all physics courses are easy thanks to the kind and flexible physics department. It's very easy to get a grade in Physics 2 and without a lot of effort. Success also shouldn't be a problem at all. For lazy students you can study exactly 4-5 times per year and get a high grade. We'll show you exactly how to do it.

In order to suit all needs we will give a study guide for students aiming for high grades (Achievers) and students who want to succeed with minimal efforts (Procrastinators).

Success guide for Achievers:

- Focus on previous exams, revisions, and extra sheets provided in order to see different ideas and solve the one or two problems the Dr. put in the exams for Excellent students. These questions are the cherry on top of the cake. You can reach A or A+ by solving these questions in addition to the EASY rest of the steps.

- Try to understand what's behind the rules in order to be able to solve questions that need proper understanding of Physics. Don't just depend on memorizing the rules as it can get you a B+ in best cases.If you aim for a higher grade you should understand as well.

- Solve WBA (Web Based Assignments) by yourself. In addition to these 3 points follow the guide below as well.

Success guide for Procrastinators:

- Use your best friend aka Assignments. In a course like Physics 2 you can solve WBAs in a matter of minutes by copying them from your friend or from us. These are the easiest marks you can get in your whole life.

- Solve sheets/previous quizzes relevant to a quiz before entering this quiz. Quizzes include like 1 or 2 sheets so it's like one or 2 hours of study. Prepare a formula sheet to help you by including every rule you face and know when to apply each rule.

- Studying Midterm and Final through sheets and notes only is enough. Take some notes and read them we have good notes for Physics courses from TA Maha el Feshawy then solve the sheets by yourself and Only one previous Midterm/Final and you're good to go to get a high grade. We encourage procrastinators to get a high grade in such course as the chance may not come again later.

Wishing you success through your entire life.